Tractive GPS Pet Tracker Review

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Tractive is recommended to everyone who lives outside of the United States.

Tractive products work for US residents, however there are other collars like Whistle which are popular as well.

The reason Tractive is recommend for non US residents, is because it’s functional in over 80 different countries.

Currently, Whistle only works in the United States.

Great Alternative to Whistle

Tractive GPS trackerTractive likes to mention a few statistics on their website, and I’ll restate them here: 10 million pets go missing each year worldwide, and less than 20% are reunited with their owners.

I don’t know how factual these statistics are, however I know from personal experience that many dogs and cats get lost. I’ve lost a dog for several days, my neighbour lost her dog for almost a week, and one poor lady I know lost her dog on Christmas and never got her back.

It’s very sad, however it’s very preventable. This is why pet tracking devices from Tractive are so special.

How Does it Work?

The concept is very straightforward, and the features are very impressive.

The Tractive GPS device fits on your dog's collar. You are able to track their location with the supported mobile app.

You can track them in real time, create a “virtual fence”, or safety zone, and track their movement over a 24 hour period. When your pet leaves the safety zone, you will get a notification.

  • Live Tracking
  • Safety Zones
  • 24 Hour History
  • Battery Indicator
  • Very Lightweight
  • Uses Cellular Network
  • Waterproof – Built in Light

Works in Over 80 Countries

The device uses your cellular network to track your pet’s movement on the mobile app.

Tractive works in many different countries, while its main competitor Whistle only works in the United States.

With a small monthly fee, you will be able to track your pet’s movement.

tractive GPS dog collarCollar Design

The device doesn't come with a collar.

It's designed to fit on your current pet's collar. It's very lightweights at 35 grams.

It's 41mm x 51mm x 15mm. So it's about the size of your car's remote lock.

The device is designed to be attached to most dog and cat collars. You simply slip the collar through the device which stays attached to the collar.

Tractive also sells their own collars which are specifically designed for the device. If you have a very thick leather collar, it might not work with this device. That's when you would want to perhaps purchase their collars.

Tractive GPS


The GPS tracking service is really the most popular feature from Tractive.

It's compatible with Apple and Google smartphones through the available apps. With the app, you're able to track your pet's location in real time.

There are a bunch of cool features which I have listed above like live tracking and safe zones. What's great is that this currently works in over 80 countries. So if you live in Europe, this is one of the services you can use.

Activity Tracking


The other product Tractive has is called Tractive Motion.

You attach this device to your pet's collar and get data sent directly to your phone. What data you might ask? Basically you can track your pet's movement throughout the day.

This movement is categorized into 3 areas: lazy, moderately active, and active. So it's a good indication of how much movement your pet is getting each day. With this information you can change up their routines if they're not getting enough exercise.



The Pet-Remote works like a shock collar, however it won't hurt your pet. It simply vibrates.

So this is more of a training device. You attach it to your pet's collar, and can use it while you train them. It's also compatible with your smartphone.

It's basically a remote control for your pet. You can teach your dog to sit for example, and introduce the pet remote as you begin training. The idea is to be able to push a button on your device and have your dog sit.

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