Pet Tracking Devices in the UK

GPS dog collars for pet owners in the UK

Because of the way pet tracking devices work, specifically the GPS collars outlined on this site, your geographic location plays a role in which product is best for you.

Simply put, some GPS pet collars do not work in the UK. One particular one is the popular dog caller from Whistle. This only works for customers in the United States.

For customers in the United Kingdom, there are two pet tracking devices worth looking into. These are Pod Trackers and Tractive pet collars.

Consider Pod Trackers First

pod tracker gps collarPod Trackers are really the best pet tracking devices for those in the UK because they have some clear advantages over Tractive.

The two main advantages with Pod Trackers is the size and price. These are the smallest and lightest devices on the market, and compared to Tractive, they are cheaper when you compare the cost over a few years.

Because of their size, they work on any sized pet. This is ideal for those with smaller dogs or cats. Tractive and even Whistle aren’t great for cats or very small dogs.

Why Your Location Matters

pod trackers logoThese devices communicate with your mobile phone to send you specific alerts and track your pet through GPS.

You download the Pod Trackers app to your mobile device and track your pet’s movement through GPS.

For customers in the UK, Pod uses Vodafone UK as its service provider. At the time of writing this, Pod uses 2G networks to communicate with the app.

Keep in mind your device can be with any provider and still work with Pod.

Botton line, if you’re in the UK, I recommend you consider Pod Trackers. You can read the full review here.