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Numbers don’t lie.

1 in 3 pets will get lost.

It happened to me personally, and I know several people who have lost their dogs for an extended period of time. Unfortunately I know someone who’s dog was never returned.

It’s a horrible feeling, however it’s very preventable.

GPS dog collars allow you to track your pet’s location and have the information sent back to your phone.

But these devices are not only for lost dogs. There are also collars which are designed for sporting dogs, and these all work on cats as well.

Here we want to review the top selling collars and pet tracking devices to help you choose the right product.

The Best Selling Pet Trackers

Here is a list of the top 4 GPS dog collars in 2018.

You can find a detailed review along with links to the official websites of each collar. The number 1 recommendation is currently the most popular collar, however they are all slightly different.

For those with sporting and hunting dogs, the 4th option is definitely what you will want to consider.

RankBrandLogoImageBest FeaturesDetailed ReviewSales Prices Here
1. Whistlewhistle pet trackerWhistle 3Best option for residents in the United States. This is the most popular collar available right now. The new Whistle 3 was released in 2017!Read ReviewVisit Website
2.Pod TrackersPod Tracker Logopod tracker gps collarRecommended for non US residents and those with smaller pets. It's the smallest collar and the best pick for cats.Read ReviewVisit Website
3. Tractivetractive pet tracking logotractive GPS dog collarAnother recommendation for non US residents, and those who may want to track more than just location.Read ReviewVisit Website
4. GarminGarmin LogoGarmin GPS dog collarBy far the top pick for hunting and sporting dogs. Garmin collars are ideal for long distance tracking and are extremely durable. Coming SoonVisit Website

Whistle 3

Whistle GPS dog collarNew Update:

The new Whistle 3 is now available. It was released in early 2017.

Whistle is one of the best pet trackers for US residents. If you’re outside of the United States, consider the other options.

The concept is simple. While your dog is wearing his collar, if he wanders off, you will get a notification to your phone. You will be able to track his location as well.

The best part is, there’s no chip involved (same goes for the other options).

It’s a very comfortable collar, with a ton of additional tracking and monitoring features.

Read the full review for more information. Click here.

Pod Trackers

pod tracker gps collar

Pod is a company that offers GPS tracking collars suitable for all pets.

The Pod attaches to any size collar, so there's no weight or size restrictions.

What sets this collar apart is that it's really the smallest and lightest tracker on the market. It's ideal for small dogs and the best option for cats.

It's also compatible in the most countries. If you're located in the UK or Australia, this is another great alternative to Whistle.

Check out the full review for more information. Click here.


tractive GPS dog collarIf you live outside of the United States, you will want to review Tractive Pet Wearables. This is the another great option for non US residents.

It is very similar to Whistle, however it works in over 80 countries.

What these products also offer is called motion tracking. Just like you might count your daily steps, you can also track your pet’s activity.

There are many different features and options with this device.

Check out the full review for more information. Click here.

Sporting and Hunting

Garmin GPS dog collarGarmin make the best sporting dog GPS collars and tracking devices.

Their two best collars are the Garmin Alpha 100 TT 15, and the Garmin Astro 320 T5.

These were originally designed for sporting dogs, however you can use them on any type of dog.

The collars are more durable for dogs who might be out doing various activities like hunting or tracking.

They come with features which are ideal for sporting dogs such as the ability to track up to 20 different collars.


  • For Dogs and Cats
  • Attaches to Any Size Collar
  • Built in WIFI
  • 1 Year Free Subscription
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Pod Tracker Logo

  • Works in Over 80 Countries
  • App is Easy to Use
  • Track Your Pet's Activity
  • Safe and Secure
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tractive pet tracking logo