Whistle GPS Pet Tracker Review

whistle pet trackerWhistle has become one of the leaders in the GPS pet tracking world.

If you're thinking about getting one of these devices for your dog, there's really no better option than Whistle. Unless you live outside of the United States, this is your best option. If you do live outside the US, then read about Pod Trackers here.

In a world where almost everything can be tracked, and almost everything has an app, losing your dog should never happen.

You might not know this, but 1 in 3 dogs will get lost in their lifetime. When I heard that, I was shocked. But with today's technology, and specifically with a pet tracker like Whistle, you should never worry about your dog getting lost.

America's #1 Pet Tracker

Whistle combines a GPS dog collar, with a mobile app.

As long as you have your phone with you, you can easily zero in on your pet's location. It's pretty awesome.

Within the app, you can create what they call a "Whistle Zone". If your dog leaves this area, you will get a notification. You can then track them from the app.

This zone is 1 of the 4 major features that this GPS collar offers:

Never lose your pet with the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

  • Custom Zones

    Track a certain location area. If your dog leaves this zone, you will get a notification.

  • Live GPS Tracking

    Track your pet’s movement on a map, just like you do when you’re driving somewhere.

  • Location Alerts

    Receive app notifications or text messages when your dog leaves a safety zone that you choose.

  • Nationwide Coverage

    Whistle uses nationwide GPS technology allowing you to track your pet anywhere in the United States.

It's More Than Just a GPS Tracker

Location is the most important thing to track, and for the majority of pet owners, this is probably the main feature of interest.

However, Whistle does more than that. You can also track their health in terms of activity and sleep patterns (with a separate device). And it's not only you who can track your puppy's movement. You can add other people to your pet's account as well.


Whistle GPS dog collarCollar Design

The GPS collar has a built in rechargeable battery. It lasts a long time, and charges quickly. This is obviously extremely important.

The collar is also very durable, so you don't need to worry about it falling off, or breaking down. It's fully waterproof as well for all those dogs that love to swim.

The Activity Tracker is a separate device.

It attaches to any dog collar and tracks your dog's activity.


The Pet Tracker Collar


The pet tracker attaches to your dog's collar, and you track everything from the app.

You can track your pet's location and receive various notifications. If you want, you can make use of the other features like reminders and health trend information.

The official website has up to date technical specifications as well as detailed instructions for setting everything up.

Keep in mind you do need to purchase a service plan to use the GPS collar. This costs $9.95 per month, however you can save $24 and $36 dollars by purchasing a 6 or 12 month plan.

Activity Monitor Collar


The Activity Monitor is not as popular as the pet tracking collar.

This is a separate device that attaches to any dog collar, and it tracks your pet's activities. You can track this over a certain period of time, and see the overall trends.

This is recommended for those who really want to see how much activity their dogs are getting. You can track longterm trends, and set activity goals and notifications.

There is also a growing online community you can interact with.

Visit The Official WebsiteWhistle.com >> Click Here